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The world is changing and so are businesses. Like everything else on this planet, nothing is meant to remain the same. Rapid change is being observed and competitions are on the rise. Globalization and new economies are emerging. Privatization of public sectors and localization of the workforce are picking momentum. Technology is unfolding the horizon and reshaping our lives. New legislations are being enforced and new markets are shifting the curve of supply and demand. Knowledge is expanding our awareness as we are no longer in the era of darkness.

Furthermore, business mergers and acquisitions, synergies and integrations are becoming the norm. New management systems, methodologies and strategies are evolving. Management gurus and leaders with innovative ideas and creative teams are ingraining today, the vision of tomorrow. They are making history and are not watching history in the making.

All these changes… not to mention the economic situation and its instability… represent serious challenges to those wishing to reach their desired destination.

Edaratec, a management and HR consultant, was founded to provide quality consultation to those who believe in business improvement and transformation – to those who have the courage to ride the wave of challenges on the ocean of change.

Notes to HR Practitioners

To all HR Practitioners:

Edaratec was able to identify seven challenges that are facing HR professionals in the region (GCC) today. You are kindly requested to prioritize these challenged (one being the most critical) according to your situation and experience. We look forward to receiving your contribution. The said challenges are listed randomly as follows:

— Being a change agent
— Being a strategic partner
— Leadership development
— Nationalization of workforce and women employment
— Succession planning
— Attrition and retention
— Talent management

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